Linen Tea Towel

Our ever&again washable Linen Tea Towel

A nice addition to the ever&again are these new linen tea towels. Fairly manufactured from fine linen and some of them with a cotton waffle pique inner fabric, these towels promise to last a long time and to be a sustainable & practical companion in your kitchen.

Our ever&again Linen Tea TowelSustainable ever&again Linen Tea Towel

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FAQ ever&again Linen Tea Towel

What is the use of the ever&again dishtowel?

The Tea Towel, like a normal tea towel, is mainly used to dry dishes. Of course you can also use the towel for other purposes, for example to clean up messes on the kitchen table or to dry your hands.

What fabrics do you use for the ever&again Tea Towel?

Our tea towel is made of leftover and second hand fabrics. The top of the towel is made of natural linen fibers. The underside of the towel is made of 100% cotton waffle pique making it fluffy and absorbent. Furthermore our washable tea towels are completely plastic free and a sustainable accessory for your kitchen.

Is the ever&again Tea Towel easily washable?

Yes, the tea towel is very easy to wash. We recommend up to 60 degrees. The towel can be tumble dried, this even helps the fabric to stay fluffy soft and shortens the drying time. At the same time, it is more climate-friendly to let the laundry dry in the open air.

How big is the ever&again kitchen towel?

The tea towel has a length of about 59 cm and a width of about 43 cm.

Where is the ever&again Tea Towel made?

Like all our products, our Tea Towels are produced in German rehabilitation workshops in a sustainable and fair way. The dedicated seamstresses sew all our products by hand with great attention to detail.

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