3 in 1 Breadbasket

This multifunctional, zero waste breadbag is for all those who love fresh bread but would like to shop without packaging. Put the bread in the basket, pull the cord to close, once at home open again and fold it down to make a stylish bread basket at home and close it again for storage. From now on you can avoid packaging waste, true to the motto "reusable instead of disposable". Handmade with love you will find our colourful patterned sustainable bread baskets here.

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FAQ Bread Bag - 3 in 1 Breadbasket

How many rolls fit in the ever&again Bread Basket?

Our bread basket can easily hold 12 rolls, so it's enough for a big purchase and you can do without conventional baker's bags.

Why is it called 3 in 1 Breadbag?

Our bread bags are multifunctional and can be used to (1) transport, (2) store and (3) serve bakery products, so you always stay package-free when shopping or at home.

What materials do you use for the 3 in 1 Bread Basket?

Our bread bags are made from leftover and second-hand cotton fabrics. The outside of the bag is made of upcycled cotton fabric, printed with different, pretty patterns. The inside is linen. Linen is a natural fibre, it is characterized by its tear resistance and durability. Thanks to its material, the breadbasket/breadbag is washable and can be reused again and again, making it a sustainable alternative for the disposable baker's bag

Why is a linen Breadbag good for storing bread?

Since ages many people have been raving about the many advantages that linen fabrics have to offer. They are breathable, the air can circulate well and at the same time linen fabrics absorb moisture. That is why people have been wrapping bread in linen cloths for many centuries. Our 3 in 1 breadbag also convinces with its multifunctionality.

Where are the ever&again Breadbags made?

Sustainably and fairly produced, our breadbags, like all our products, are hand sewn in German rehab workshops with great attention to detail.

Will bread/rolls stay fresh longer in the 3 in1 Breadbag?

It depends on your bread, but basically, yes, the bread bag should keep your bread fresh, longer than the baker's bag does. Together the cotton fabric on the outside and the linen fabric on the inside protect your bread from drying out. It is best to put cut pastry on the cut sides in the bag to protect them from drying out.

Can my bread get mouldy in the 3 in 1 Bread Basket?

The materials of which the sustainable breadbag is made have been specially selected to protect bread and rolls from drying out and at the same time prevent moisture from accumulating and thus the occurrence of mold. We have never seen normal pastries go moldy in our bread basket. However, baked goods with fillings should be kept in the refrigerator if necessary. Our breadbag is also suitable for this.

Can I use my ever&again Bread Bag for other foods?

Sure, basically you can store all kinds of things in the bread bag or use it for shopping. Whether as a fruit basket, a vegetable bag, an onion or potato pot or just for bread and rolls, our storage basket is suitable for this.

Can I put the ever&again Breadbasket in the refrigerator?

If you store fruit or vegetables or other perishable items in the breadbag, you can store it in the refrigerator without any problem. In our experience, it also keeps food like salads in the fridge fresh for longer.

How can I wash the 3 in 1 Breadbag?

We recommend washing the breadbasket at 30 degrees. It is also possible to wash it hotter, but the fabric may shrink a little, please note this before washing it hot.

Can I go shopping everywhere with my 3 in 1 Breadbag?

From our experience almost all bakers are very fond of our bread baskets and helpful in using them. If the baker does not want to take the breadbag over the counter, you can simply place it on top of the counter while he fills it with pastry. Also, in supermarkets it is usually no problem to use the breadbag. Simply place it open on the checkout belt so that the cashier can see what is inside.

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