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Since our Zero Waste Freezer Bags have been so well received, we now offer al slightly smaller version, that´s equally sustainable. For all those who have a little less to freeze, maybe only a few slices of bread or the leftovers from a sheet cake. Or those who find our Snack Bags too small to take two rolls as a snack on the go. This new size will be just rigth.

Of course you can also use our Freezer Bag Small for other things! For example, as a wet bag for wet swimwear, or for the wet washclothes or wet wipes for your little ones on the go.
Always versatile an pracicle - wether large or small!


A nice and sustainable alternative to plastic foil is our Pizza Bag, which is perfect for freezing your prepared pizzas.A nice and sustainable alternative to plastic foil is our Pizza Bag, which is perfect for freezing your prepared pizzas.

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FAQ Freezer Bag 

Are the ever&again Freezer Bags easily washable?

Yes, the freezer bags are very easy to wash. We recommend 30 degrees. But you can also just turn them over and wipe them out. The freezer bags dry quickly in the air.

Can I use the ever&again freezer bags for other purposes?

Our Freezer Bags are not only suitable for storing pizza, but also other great treats can be stored in them without any problems. We love to freeze our bread in it. Let us know what you can fit in your Freezer Bag.

What is ProCare?

ProCare is a waterproof, tearproof and food safe barrier fabric. It is free of BPA, lead, sulfates and phthalates. It is also manufactured in Canada with minimal environmental impact. ProCare is characterized by its long durability and is washable at 30 degrees. Products with ProCare fabric can be washed at 60 degrees without any problems. It can also be air dried or tumble dried at a low temperature. DO NOT tumble dry or iron.

How can I close the ever&again Freezer Bag?

Our Freezer Bag can be closed wonderfully with an extra strong velcro fastener. Don't worry, there is no food left over on the velcro. Your food should be safe from freezer burn sein.

Are the Freezer Bags suitable for the fridge or for freezing?

Of course, they are made for that. The freezer bags are not odor-permeable and easy to clean.

Where are your Freezer Bags made?

Sustainable and fair, our Freezer Bags, like all our products, are produced in German rehabilitation workshops. The dedicated seamstresses there sew all our products by hand with great attention to detail.

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