Baguette Bag

For the sake of the environment you can now transport your freshly bought baguettes in our Baguette Bags and serve them afterwards. The Baguette Bag is fair and sustainable handmade in Germany. Thanks to its material and constant reusability, the Baguette Bag is a sustainable alternative to the disposable baker's bag. 

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FAQ Baguette Bag

What fabrics do you use for your Baguette Bag?

Our Baguette Bags are made from remnant and second hand cotton fabrics. The outside of the bag is made of a designed cotton fabric, whereas the inside is made with linen. Linen is a natural fiber, it is characterized by its tear resistance an durability. The Baguette Bag is thanks washable and reusable over and over again, thus a sustainable alternative for the disposable bakery bag.

Why is a linen bred bag so good for bread storage?

For many centuries people have raved about the many benefits that linen fabrics bring. Linen fabrics are breathable, allowing air to circulate well while absorbing moisture. Linen is a natural fiber, it is characterized by its strength an durability. That is why for many centuries people have been wrapping their bread in linen for storage and freshness.

Where are your ever&again Baguette Bags made?

Our Baguette Bags are made in a sustainable and fair way, mainly in the Rehabilitation Workshop in Frankfurt. The dedicated seamstresses and sewers hand sew our products with great attention to detail.

What is the ever&again Baguette Bag used for?

The Baguette Bag holds up to 3 baguettes. Our idea is to offer a product that allows you to transport your purchased baguettes home without the use of disposable bags. Once at home you can serve and store your baguettes in it. Not only does it look beautiful, it also makes mother Earth happy. 

How can I close the ever&again Baguette Bag?

The Baguette Bag has a cord sewn into the top, so it can be closed quickly and easily.

How big is the ver&again Baguette Bag?

It is app. 24 x 62 cm (WxH) large.

How can I wash the Baguette Bag?

We recommand wasinhg the Baguette Bag at 30 degrees. In principle, it is also possible to wash it hotter, but the fabrics may shrink a little. Please consider this before you wash it hot.

Can I go shopping everywhere with the Baguette Bag?

In our experience, almost all bakers are very fond of our bread bags and extremely helpful in using them. If the baker does not want to take the Bageutte Bag over the counter, you can simply place it on the top while the baker fills it with baguettes. It is usually no problem to use the Baguette Bag in supermarkets either. Simply place it openly on the checkout belt so that the cashier can see what is inside.




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