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Furoshiki wipes have been traditionally used for centuries in Japan as both packaging and carrying bags. You can wonderfully save the conventional disposable wrapping paper. This way you give every gift a creative and above all eco-friendly flair.

Available in two sizes: S approx. 50 x 50cm and L approx. 80 x 80cm

 Unsere ever&again Schüsselhauben für AuflaufformenDie ever&again Lebensmittelhauben für eckige Behälter und Auflaufformen

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FAQ Furoshiki Fabric Wraps

What is the ever&again Furoshiki Wrap used for?

The ever&again Furoshiki wipes are perfect for wrapping gifts in a sustainable way. You save a lot of disposable wrapping paper for the good of the environment.

How big are the Furoshiki Fabric Wraps?

Our Furoshikis are available in two different sizes. Size S: approx. 50 x 50 cm and size L: approx. 80 x 80 cm.

What can I pack in the Furoshiki clothes?

There are no limits to your creativity. The easiest are probably books or bottles. But just have a look on the internet, there are instructions for almost everything you want to wrap. With a little practice it will become easier and easier for you.

Where are the ever&again Furoshiki Fabric Wraps made?

Sustainable and fair, our Furoshikis, like all our products, are produced in German rehab workshops. The dedicatet seamstresses and sewers there sew all our products by hand with grat attention to detail.

What fabrics do you use for the ever&again Furoshikis?

Our Furoshikis are made from remnant and second-hand cotton fabrics, printed with pretty patterns. 

Can I use the Furoshiki Fabric Wraps more than once?

Theoretically yes, but it depends on wether the recipient wants to keep them or give them back to you. If not, you may have helped to convince one more person that gift wrapping can be done in a sustainable way without the use of traditional wrapping paper.

Why use the ever&again Furoshiki wipes?

To wrap gifts sustainable and beatifully without disposable wrapping paper and ribbons. Originally developed in Japan to store your own clothes in them in public bathhouses.

Can the ever&again Furoshiki wipes be washed in the washing machine?

Often it is enough to iron them briefly, so that they look like new again, because they rarely get really dirty. However, if this should be the case, we recommand 30 degrees washing in the washing machine and subsequent ironing..

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