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Our Zero Waste Snack Bags are the sustainable and washable alternative to disposable zip bags. They serve as convenient storage for your snacks, both on the go and at home. They are equipped with a vegan, food-safe and washable inner fabric and can be closed very easily with a Velcro closure.

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FAQ Snack Bags

Are the Snack Bags suitable for the refrigorator or for freezing?

Oh yes, the Snack Bag is made for on the go as well as your fridge or freezer. The Snack Bag is also odorless and easy to clean after use. 

How can I close the ever&again Snack Bags?

Our Snack Bags can be easily closed with an extra strong velcro closure. Don't worry, no food scraps will get stuck on the velcro. Your food should be safe from freezer burn if you use them for freezing.

Where are ever&again Snack Bags made?

Sustainable and fair our Snack Bags, like all our products, are produced in German mental rehabilitation workshops. The dedicated seamstresses and sewers had sewn all our products with great attention to detail.

Which fabrics do you use for the ever&again Snack Bags?

Our Snack Bags are mostly made from remmenant and second hand cotton fabrics.The outer fabric of the Snack Bags is made of a cotton fabric, printed with different, pretty patterns. The inside is made of the patented ProCare, a waterproff, tearproof, and food fafe barriere fabric. ProCare is free of BPA, lead, sulfates and phthalates and will last many years. Thanks to its material and reusability, The Snack Bag is a sustainable alternative for the lunch bax on the go, or freezer bag.

What is ProCare?

ProCare is a waterproof, tearproof, and food safe barrier fabric. It is free of BPA, lead, sulfates and phthalates. It is also manufactured in Canada with minimal environmental impact. ProCare is characterized by its long durability and is washable at 30 degrees. Whereas we wash products with ProCare fabric at 60 degrees without any problems. In addition, it can be easily air dried or put in the dryer at low teperature, DO NOT hot dry or iron.

Why use an ever&again Snack Bag?

Our Snack Bags are a convenient alternative to lunch boxes and freezer bags. You can store your lunch, small snacks, fresh herbes and many other things in them practically for on the way or for the refrigerator and if necessary, also freeze them.

Can the ever&again Snack Bags be washed in the washing machine or dishwasher?

If the Snack Bags gets a little dirty, it is enough to wipe them off or wash them under water with a little soap.  The Snack Bags can also be washed in the washing machine, we recommend 30 degrees. 

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