Splash Bag

Our ever&again Splash Bag is the perfect companion for all situations and favorite utensils.

It serves you either as a sustainable cosmetic bag or as a small emergency bag. You can also store your stationery, important small parts or even charging cables and headphones, so that they do not get lost in your backpack or handbag.

 Unsere ever&again Schüsselhauben für Auflaufformen

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FAQ Splash Bag

Do full sizes or only travel sizes fit in the Splash Bag?

It is estimated that 3-5 full sizes (e.g. Shampoo and conditioner) fit in the L bag and 2-4 full sizes in the S bag. Then there is still space to fill the bag with smaller utensils.

How big is the ever&again toiletry bag? Can I get it in my backpack too ?

Our ever&againtoiletry bags are available in two sizes: Splash Bag S approx.: 16 x 23cm (WxH) und Splash Bag L approx.: 23 x 30 cm (WxH).  Whether the bag fits in your backpack depemnds on the size of your backpack. In the vast majority of casese, however, the toiletry bag should fir in backpack. If the bundle is not fully packed, it can be folded up  or stowed away easily. annoying space problems are solved.

Does the bag also stand alone?

No, the Splash Bag does not stand on its own an unfilled. When it is full, it can stand, but that depends on how wide the products are with which the bag is filled.

Is the Splash Bag washable?

The Splash Bag is washable. A 30 degree wash is recommended. However, we sometimes wash our toiletry bag at 60 degrees and have not had any problems. However, the fabrics can shrink a little if the laundry is hot. Please note this before washing the Splash Bag hot.

Where is the ever&againSplash Bag made?

Like all our products, our toiletry bags are produced sustainably and fairly in German rehab workshops. The dedicated seamstresses sew all or our products by hand with great attention to detail.

Which fabrics do you use for the ever&again Splash Bags?

Our Splash Bags are made from leftover and secondhand cotton fabric, printed with various pretty patterns. For the inside you can choose betwenn ProCare and linen. ProCare is a water- and tear-resistant, as well as food-safe barrier material. ProCare is free from BPA, lead, sulfates and phthalates and will last for many years. Linen is a nutural fiber and is charecterized by its tear resistance and durability. Linen also looks classy.

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