Cotton Rounds

Our sustainable and washable alternative to conventional make-up removal pads are the must-have for your daily face cleaning and make-up routine. The reusable cotton pads are made of stylish upcycled and rest fabrics and are handmade with great attention to detail in social workshops in Germany.
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These little washable Cotton Pads replace normal cotton pads and help you remove every kind of Make up.
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FAQ Cotton Rounds - Reusable Cotton Pads

How can I wash the reusable make-up removal pads?

Light soiling can easily be washed off with warm water and a little mild soap, so the cosmetic pads can be used again immediately. Otherwise, we recommend washing the cotton pads in the washing machine at up to 60 celcius degrees. Best in a small laundry net, so that the make-up removal pads cannot get into the pipes The cotton pads can also be dried in the dryer. This helps to get them really fluffy and soft again. However, to protect the climate, we recommend air drying the pads. If required, our make-up removal pads can be ironed at medium heat.

What materials do you use for your cosmetic pads?

Our make-up remover pads are mainly made of rest and upcycled cotton fabrics. The top side of the cosmetic pads is made of upcycled cotton fabrics, printed with pretty patterns. The underside of the pads are made of new, brushed 100% cotton molleton. This is very soft and smoothing to the skin. In addition, our washable make-up removal pads are completely plastic-free and an environmentally friendly, sustainable, waste-free alternative for disposable make-up removal pads.

Where are your make-up removal pads made?

The pads are handmade in German social workshops with great attention to detail. In this way we ensure sustainable and fair production. We mainly work together with rehabilitation workshops or other social institutions.

Why are your cotton pads more sustainable than the traditional ones

Unlike traditional make-up remover pads, our washable pads can be used over and over again, so they will accompany you for a long time and are the perfect complement to a sustainable lifestyle. We also work mainly with upcycling and rest fabrics. This means that apparently useless substances are not thrown away but are processed into new products. For the upper side of our pads we mainly use fabric remnants from other productions, the underside is made of durable cotton molleton. Our pads are hand sewn fairly and locally, especially in social workshops, such as rehabilitation workshops. This not only supports social projects, but also saves resources by keeping transport distances to a minimum. Our cotton pads are therefore not only a particularly long-lasting product, but also stand for a short and fair supply chain, which ensures a better ecological balance than the conventional disposable make-up removal wipes. We support a green lifestyle and want to act future-oriented and consciously. Our make-up removal pads are therefore an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cosmetic pads.

How many cotton pads come in a set?

Each Cotton Round set consists of 7 make-up removal pads. One for each day of the week and a smart linen bag for storage.

How big are the face cleaning pads?
The pads have a diameter of about 8.5 cm.


Why do your make-up removal pads sometimes look different?
Our cotton pads are individually handmade. Therefore each one is unique which may occasionally result in slight deviations in shape and size.


What make-up can I remove with your pads?

You can use our make-up removal pads for everything for which you have previously used a normal, disposable cotton pad (except nail polish). So you can continue to use all your favorite makeup and facial cleansing products without any problems.

Can your make-up removal pads be used to remove eye make-up or waterproof mascara?

Yes, absolutely. Our pads are soft and gentle and therefore perfect for removing eye make-up. They are also absorbent, so the make-up does not smear on the skin, but is quickly absorbed by the cotton pad. If you use waterproof mascara, just use your regular make-up removal product for waterproof make-up or try using more natural products such as coconut oil or baby shampoo.

For which skin type are your pads suitable?

Whether pure or impure, oily or dry skin, our cotton pads are recommended for every skin type. The molleton fabric is very soft and comfortable to use.

Are your cotton pads suitable for removing nail polish?

Since nail polish dries into the cotton pads and is usually difficult to remove, we do not recommend using the pads for nail polish.

What else can I use the cotton pads for?

In addition to removing make-up, our cotton pads have also proved to be very useful for applying facial toner or powder or other facial products.

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