Utensil Roll

With our ever&again Utensil Roll you have your own cutlery always at hand and can enjoy delicious food everywhere without a guilty conscience. Whether the office break, the meal at the market stall on the road, the festival or the mountain tour, our Utensil Roll accompanies you and your cutlery everywhere easily and stylishly and you save the planet so a lot of disposable cutlery. 

 Unsere ever&again Schüsselhauben für AuflaufformenDie ever&again Lebensmittelhauben für eckige Behälter und Auflaufformen

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FAQ Utensil Roll

Are the ever&again Utensil Rolls easily washable?

Yes, the Utensil Rolls are very washable. We recommend 30 degrees.

Which fabrics do you use for your Utensil Roll?

Our cuterly bags are made from remnant and second hand cotton fabrics. The outside is made of an upcycled cotton fabric, printed with different pretty pattern. The inside is linen. Linen are mutural fibers, they are characterized by tear resistance and durability.

Which fabric do you use for the matching napkin?

Our napkins are made primarily from remnant and upcycled cooton fabrics. The top of the Swipe Its are upcycled cotton fabrics, printed with pretty patterns. The bottom of the napkin is made of new fluffy 100% molton. This is very soft fot your skin. They are therefore the environmentally friedly, sustainable, waste-free alternative for disposal napkins.

Can I use the ever%again Utensil Roll for other purpose?

Our Utensil Roll is perfect for keeping your cuterly handy when you are on the go. This way you can save a lot of (plastic( disposal cuterly on the road. Of course, you can also store other things for the road in it. We think of cosmetic brushes, paint brushes and pens. Feel free to let us know what you store in it.

How do I close the Utensil Roll?

The Utensil Roll is simply rolled up and then closed with two sewn-on ties with a pretty bow.

Where are the ever&again Utensil Rolls made?

Sustainable and fair, our Utensil Rolls, are produced in the Frankfurt rehab workshop. The dedicated seamstresses and sewers there sew all our products by hand with great attention to detail.

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