Veggie Bag

With our Veggie Bag, you can now shop for your fruits and vegetables in a chic and sustainable way. Whether you're shopping at the farmer's market, the unpacked store, or your favorite supermarket, our veggie bag will quickly become your constant companion. It is sustainable and washable and can be used again and again.

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FAQ Veggie Bag

Are the ever&again Veggie Bags easily washable?

Yes, the Veggie Bags are very washable. We recommand washing them at 30 degrees in the washing machine. 

Can I use the ever&again Veggie Bags for other purposes?

We mainly use them for fruits and vegetables to do our market shopping in a zerowaste manner without packaging. But of course, you can also store other goodies in them.
They can also serve you well when traveling by storing other things in them, or using it as a laundry bag, for example. 

How can I close the ever&again Veggie Bag?

Our Veggie Bag can be easily closed by drawstring cord.

Are the Veggie Bags suitable for the refrigerator?

Of course, our Veggie Bags are not only perfect for the go, but for example you can also store your salad in them in the fridge, preferably at the bottom of the vegetable drawer.

Where are the ever&again Veggie Bags made?

Our Veggie Bags are produced sustainably and fairly in the Frakfurt Rehabilitation Factory. The dedicated seamstresses and sewers there hand sew all our products with great attention to detail. This means for us not only the support of social local projects, but also short transport distances.

Which fabrics do you use for the die ever&again Veggie Bags?

Our Veggie Bags are made from remnants and second hand cotton fabrics.


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