Linen Napkins

  Set your table and your sights high with these exquisite set of 2 napkins made of 100% linen, which turn every meal into a noble dinner. Unlike paper napkins, these jewels can be washed and reused many times. Handmade in Germany these linen napkins are both a special treat at the table and for the environment.

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FAQ ever&again Linen Napkins

What is the use of ever&again linen napkins?

The washable napkins are designed to replace the traditional paper napkins and can be used again and againf for both everyday use or special meals.

Which fabrics do you use for your ever&again napkins?

Our napkins are made exclusively from linen. Often the linen fabric is residual or second hand fabric. Linen is a natural fiber, it is characterized by its tensile strength, durability and biodegradability.

Are the ever&again napkins machine-washable?

Yes, the napkins are very well washable. We recommend up to 60 degrees. The linen napkins can be tumble dried. This even helps them stay fluffy soft and shortens the drying time. At the same time it is more climate-friendly to let the laundry dry in the open air, the thin napkins dry quickly.

How big are the ever&again napkins?

The napkins are square and measure approx. 30x30 cm after the first wash.

How many ever&again linen napkins come in a set?

Per set you will receive two napkins made of high-quality linen.

Where are the ever&again napkins made?

Our napkins, like all our products, are produced in German rehab workshops in a sustainable and fair way. The dedicated seamstresses there sew all our products by hand with great attention to detail.

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