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Our Zero Waste Swipe Its are the sustainable and washable alternative to kitchen roll and napkins. Swipe Its come in a set of 8 Swipe Its, with or without a convenient storage jar. With these reusable wipes, you can easily clean up any mess at the table or in the kitchen, because the underside is made of extra absorbent molton.

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FAQ Swipe Its 

What are ever&again Swipe Its used for?

Our Swipe Its offer you a sustainable alternative to several everyday products.
You can switch them up for your usual paper towel roll, as a napkin, washcloth or even as a cosmetic tissue. They'll accompany yor for many years and are stylish. yet practical, way to help reduce waste again and again.

How many wipes are in a set?

Our Swipe Its consist of 8 single wipes all with the same pattern.

How big are the Swipe Its?

Each Swipe Its has a sice of approximately 27 x 27cm

Do the Swipe Its come with glass?

Glass or not - the choice is yours. It all depends on how you want to use and store them.

How big is the glass that comes with it?

The glass has a size of about 20cm in hight and a diameter of about 10cm. The capacity is about 1.2 litres.

Where are the ever&again Swipe Its made?

Sustainably and fairly produced our Swipe its, are hand-sewn in the Frankfurter rehabilitation workshops with great attention to detail.

Wich fabrics do you use for ever&again Swipe Its?

Our Swipe Its are made of rest and secondhand cotton fabrics. The top side of the Swipe Its is made of a cotton fabric printed with various colourful pattern. The underside is made of fluffy molton.

Why are the ever&again Swipe Its used?

Our Swipe Its offer a reusable alternative to traditional single use paper products, such as paper towels/kitchen roll, napkins and tissues.

Can ever&again Swipe Its be washed in the washing machine?

The Swipe Its can be easily includes in your next washing without any problems. We recommand a 60 degree wash. 

Are the ever&again Swipe Its dryer friendly?

If you don't want to let the Swipe Its air dry, you can put them in the dryer. This will make them wonderfully fluffy again.

How can i clean the glass?

You can simply put the glass in the dishwasher or wash it by hand.


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