ever&again Your Zero Waste Online Shop

Your shop for a sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Here you will find numerous offers for useful and practical products that support you on your journey to a Zero Waste lifestyle.
All ever&again products, for example our bowl covers or 3 in 1 Breadbags, are socially and fairly produced and primarly manufactured in German rehabilitation workshops.

It’s a pleasure to observe that the awareness for a sustainable lifestyle continues to grow. The ever&again online shop is abundantly filled with products that offer environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional disposable items:

Replace aluminium and cling film with washable bowl covers that store food in an odor-proof and airtight manner. For your trip to the bakery we offer the 3 in 1 bread basket to replace the baker’s bag. Use our 100% cotton Veggie Bag when shopping, which makes the plastic bag superfluous, and try our washable cotton pads for face cleaning, which replace conventional make-up removal pads.



And that is not all…

Here is an overview of the many useful products we offer in our sustainable online shop:


Food Hood – Bowl Cover

Grande Hood – Large Bowl Hood

Mini Hood & Glass – Bowl Cover with Glass

Casserole Hood – Squared Bowl Cover

3 in 1 Breadbag – 3 in 1 Bread Basket

Freezer Bag – Freezer Bag for Bread and Pizza

Snack Bag – Washable Snack Bag

Bakery Bag – Reusable Snack Bag

Veggie Bag – Veggie Shopping Bag

Linen Servietten – Washable Linen Napkins

Linen Tea Towel – Washable Kitchen Towels

Cotton Rounds – Reusable Cotton Pads

Face Cover – Face Masks

Splash Bag – Sustainable Toiletry Bag

Swipe Its – Washable Napkins

Utensil Roll – Cutlery Roll

Jute Shopper – Jute Shopping Bag

Fabric Wrap – Furoshiki


With the goal of conserving resources and reducing waste, we believe that every small step counts to make our world
a more beautiful and greener place.

Therefore, fair, environmentally conscious and local production is very important to us. All our sustainable products are
hand sewn with great attention to detail in Germany, mainly in rehabilitation workshops. We use upcycled and rest fabrics
to contribute to waste reduction.

We offer unique and stylish accessories that we hope will inspire you to a sustainable everyday life.

Any more questions? Find out more in the About Us section or the ever&again FAQ.