The store for a sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle. ever&again convinces with numerous, useful products that serve as durable alternatives to common disposable items. Whether it’s a bowl cover or a 3 in 1 bread basket, we place special emphasis on local and fair production. In concrete terms, this means that the Zero Waste products are hand-sewn with great attention to detail in the Frankfurt Rehab workshop.

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Sustainability has been a trend for years! And not without reason. A greener and more conscious lifestyle not only benefits us, but also our planet. We are declaring war on commercial disposable items with our alternatives. Aluminum foil? So yesterday, our Food Hoods are not only more sustainable, they also look much better. Paper bag at the bakery? You don’t need it anymore, because our stylish 3 in 1 Bread Bag replaces it. Disposable freezer bags? Absolutely out, our Freezer Bags are washable and available in different sizes! For an all-round greener household.

We not only care about the world, but also about all the creatures that inhabit it! Do you live vegan? Our environment will be happy too! We believe that animal products don’t have to be. Our Food Hoods are the perfect alternative, especially for beeswax cloths. Our hoods last for years, are washable unlike the wax cloths and do not involve any animal suffering! We think that’s really great, which is why all our products are 100% vegan. No leather, no beeswax, no animal testing. For happy animals and people!

Even better for your karma than sustainable shopping? Sustainable and fair shopping!
Because ever&again not only stands for products that replace disposable items in your daily life, we also attach great importance to transparent and local production. That’s why all our zero waste products are sewn by hand in the Frankfurt rehab workshop under the best conditions and with great pleasure. How do we know this? We visit the workshop almost every week and talk to the team and the fantastic seamstresses and sewers who love making our products.

Our products also help you save money and plastic in the supermarket, because with the Veggie Bag you can safely leave the plastic bags in the vegetable section behind. And if you’ve run out of food or you’ve saved it by using too good to go, simply freeze the remaining treats in our reusable Freezer Bags.

Saving disposable items for our children? You can! For example with our Swipe Its, the sustainable washable alternative to kitchen roll. The cloths are not only suitable for any mess at the table, but are also particularly gentle on baby’s hands and face. And our Snack Bags are quickly to hand for the snack at school, with different sizes for storing school snacks. They also take up much less space in a full school bag than bulky plastic lunch boxes.

We want to move away from the shopping frenzy and back towards conscious and environmentally friendly consumer behavior. This is not only important for our minds, but also for our beloved home, the planet. How can we do this? Only together with you. Because in the end you, the buyers, decide what is worth producing. That’s why we stand for products that are made to last. We have been using our first bowl cover prototypes for 10 years and they are still going strong. Isn’t that brilliant? Incidentally, this also means that a set of food hoods only costs you €3 a year for 10 years of use? Expensive? Hardly.

Plastic and aluminum foil is not only harmful to the environment, it also looks pretty stupid. Doesn’t your fridge care? That’s right, but you probably do. In this case, our store is filled with cool and stylish patterns, because our cotton fabrics are carefully selected by us. However, as we mostly work with remnant or second-hand fabrics, it is of course possible that we don’t meet your taste at the moment. But don’t worry, our fabrics are constantly changing. Are you in a hurry?
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No matter what the occasion: Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day or just in between. We have the most beautiful sustainable gifts. All our products are sewn with love and that’s how they are received! Thoughtful gifts for everyone. And the best thing? With the traditional Japanese Furoshiki wraps, the wrapping paper alternative from our store, you can give free rein to your creativity and skillfully present the products as gifts.

Lots of plastic is not only uncool, but also harmful to you and your environment. It has long been known that BPA, phthalates and lead, which are found in many conventional disposable products, have a negative impact on your hormone balance and your overall health. To protect you and the planet, we completely avoid these harmful substances in our products and use natural or food-safe materials.

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